pencil drawing ‘Hanna’

I draw this picture few years ago. My model was an old photo from 1921. I didn’t try to do it in 100% realistic way, I just wanted to focus on her eyes. What she was dreaming of when she was 21 years old ? Her life wasn’t easy because of wars in Finland at 1939 – 1944, but she had a long life and she raised 3 children with her husband.

Fairy-Tale, Symbolic · People


My grandchild got a new teddybear from Santa. When she opened the gift wrapping paper, she put her little hand inside the package and said : “ear” (in Finnish of course). It was a teddybear’s ear that she felt first.

This situation was real, the teddybear looked her very tenderly, when they sat on sofa. Teddybears have some sweet magic.

Watercolor painting “Friends”  January 2017



Drawings of a boy and a girl

Firstly, I’m sorry about the bad quality of these photos, reflections of glass ruined them. I had to use Picasa to fix them, but couldn’t fix the girl’s eye. I cannot take new photos of these drawings, because they are not at my home anymore.

Pencil drawings 2015 + Picasa




Little girl watching TV 1983

I made a quick drawing of my daughter while she was watching children’s program in 1983. Usually people are not so interested to sit while I draw, so this was a rare moment. Nowadays I use a photo, if I draw portraits.

pencil drawing 1983


Sick Little Boy 1988

I found this little old drawing of my son. He had a fever and I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep at night, so I had some time to draw his picture. I still feel sympathy for him, when I see this drawing. Few days later was his third birthday.

© Taia

Pencil drawing ~ 18.4.1988