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Forget-me-not,  photo : Huawei cell phone

It’s always a happy moment to see these little blue flowers, like today, when I was walking in forest near my home. They are symbol for faithful love. I don’t pick flowers from nature, I let them grow and enjoy of sun and rain and bees.



Watercolor, July 2016

Small watercolor painting of flowers on my table. 21 x 16 cm

I got this bouquet from my daughter and son-in-law, but my 1 year old granddaughter carried it to me. You can imagine how sweet she was with the bouquet.


Yellow Rose

keltainen ruusu
Watercolor painting, July 2016

Every summer I visit in Arboretum and take some photos of the flowers. They are good models for my practises. I love all kind of roses; red, yellow, white, lila, orange and pink. Aroma of roses is so lovely. It’s so nice to spend a summer day in Rose Garden by the lake.

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