Knitted Dress


A dress for my grandchild, made of soft cotton.

I’m also knitting a jacket with similar pattern, but the color is yellow. Knitting is fun and these kind of small clothes are quite fast to do.





apilathavutheinätkivet vedessäkivikasakoiranputketkoiranputki parempikoristelehdetpolkupuistopuistostapunainen kivipuutraitakivisauniovihreäävoikukkapallo

Today we have a ❤ Midsummer Festival ❤ here in Finland. As usual, it is a rainy day.  The rain doesn’t bother me, the air is fresh and odour of the nature is nice. I love our Finnish summer, what ever the weather is. Our green season is short, so we have to enjoy of it as much as possible.

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Little Bridge

Watercolor painting Little Bridge, June 2017

This painting is my fourth landscape ever. I had so strong pressure in my mind to paint something, that I only got peace when I took my colors out from my closet. Painting is fun, but sometimes it’s difficult to start, especially with this painting, because of so many plants on the view. I need more practice with landscapes, but I’m happy I finally made this. I used my own photo as a model. Colors are not so pale in real painting, but it’s almost impossible to take a photo that shows real colors, they usually look too strong or too pale on photo.

Flowers · Photos


Forget-me-not,  photo : Huawei cell phone

It’s always a happy moment to see these little blue flowers, like today, when I was walking in forest near my home. They are symbol for faithful love. I don’t pick flowers from nature, I let them grow and enjoy of sun and rain and bees.


What do we leave for our descendants ?

My father made these perfect wooden spoons for my mother and me. The smaller spoon is my mother’s.

We parents leave many kind of materialistic and intellectual property for our children and grandchildren. For example I have many items that reminds me of my past relatives.

Our generation though have much bigger responsibility of heritage than ever. We must leave a healthy Earth to our descendants. I think only small group of people really understand it. Many parents save money for their children, but they still drive a car every day and do not recycle, or do not sort their garbages. They don’t realize, that money doesn’t matter if the Earth don’t exist anymore.

Still many people think, that only governments have responsibility of environment, but actually responsibility belongs to all of us. Now it’s time to make real changes in our lifestyle to save this beautiful planet. Many specialists have known this fact for decades, but government’s decisions are slow like snails.

Now than ever we need power and courage of individuals. We need to do right choices in our life, what ever decisions governments do. We need to use our own wisdom and caring towards this planet. Healthy of Earth depends on everyone’s decisions in everyday life.

My father was my hero, he defended our land in two wars and got bullet in his leg. Now it’s our time to be heroes for our descendants by saving this Earth. For us it’s much easier than to be a soldier in a war. We only have to make little changes and sacrifices every day and to learn to be less greedy.

A population of whole World is about 7,5 billion people. It means a huge power of individuals, if all people decide to save this planet. We all can inform our friends, family and co-workers to make a good change now before it’s too late. The change is possible. Masses are stronger in this issue than any leader or government.

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong


Summer bag

I had one old but clean piece of lace, so I made a bag of it two years ago. Sometimes women in busses talk about it with me. This city is one of a kind in Finland, here unknown people talk with each other like long-term friends. Inhabitants over 230100.


One year old blog :)

I post this very first picture again, because my blog Aquarelle Roses is now one year old. I have a page, where visitors and followers can leave me a little poem or greetings. If you want to do so, the page is HERE

Thank you for WordPress, followers, likers, commenters and visitors ❤

Watercolor painting

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