Searching my relatives who moved to USA and Canada

About 350 000 – 390 000 people moved to USA or Canada within years of 1880 – 1950 from Finland. There was jobs unlike here in Finland. Some immigrants came back few years later and some of them never came back, including few of my relatives. My relatives wrote letters to Finland within few years, but today nobody knows about their life or descendants in USA and Canada.

This family was one of them who landed harbor of New York in 1948.

My relatives in New York

If you live in USA and knew these people or their children and grandchildren, please contact me HERE

I’m also searching my grandfather, who’s photo I have never seen. He moved to Ironwood in 1913. City of Ironwood didn’t response to my email about this issue, but there has been many Finnish people at those times (25%). I found a website of and based on the information found from that website, my grandfather was alive in 1940 and he was a woodsman in Marquette, Michigan. ( IF that person was really the same.)

If anyone knows history of Finnish people in Marquette (1940 -), or in Ironwood  (1913 -), please contact me HERE

Also my other grandfather’s one brother moved to USA (Cooks Run in 1913) and another brother to Canada (Pincher in 1913) and they had families and children and grandchildren there. Brother who moved to Canada, had own bakery. Brother who moved to USA, was working in construction work. I have photos of them, if someone knows history of those places.



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