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Northern Lights

In Finnish language Northern Lights are ‘Revontulet‘ which means ‘fire of fox’. They are impressive because of their colors and because they move all the time. It feels very special moment when are able to see them. Usually they are visible in North of Finland at winter time. This painting was difficult for me to paint, but I have painted only two landscapes before this. Also I’m not very familiar with acryl colors yet, but painting is always fun.

Acryl painting, September 2016

In our galaxy there are about 200 milliard stars. It’s impossible to think, that we are alone in the space. At of August 2016 (20:45) SETI in Russia found a signal from space, which came from a star, which is 6,3 milliard years old. This star is 95 light-years far from our planet. If this signal came to us on purpose, there can be life on that planet and their civilization can be much higher than ours. It’s interesting, but it shouldn’t cause fear. If those possible aliens are wiser than human, they are not warlikes as human. Hollywood movies of space usually give scary picture of other civilizations, but movies are only imagination of film makers. The truth of space can be very different than movies and certainly beyond our imagination or knowledge. I think possible aliens maybe do not look like giant spiders, or other film maker’s creatures. Maybe they are pretty  🙂

These Northern Lights below are from Scotland, but similar as we can see here in Finland, mostly in Lapland. Nature is the best artist by all means.  (it’s not my video)


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