Nature, Animals


Watercolor,  June 2016

I’m a big fan of big cats, so I was inspired by a photo of Jaguar on WWF magazine. I get the magazine, because I donate monthly to WWF, so this painting is for good cause, because I can tell about WWF. Everyone can suppport volunteer workers in WWF, who put their life on risk to protect endangered animals and nature. They have achieved results and saved many species on Earth. By donating only few coins monthly you and me can help those brave heroes.

This is not 100% similar picture as the photo is, I like to add something of my own into painting. We don’t see these cats here in Finland, so the only way to get a ‘model’ is to look at some photo. I don’t sell this painting, so this model was used only for non-commercial use.

I love big cats because of their beautiful colors, because of their big and deep voices, because of their movements and good shape. At the same time they look so cute, but also dangerous and it’s a ravishing combination for me. Jaguars have flower patterns in their  back, what a beautiful outfit it is for summertime.


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